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Monday, April 28, 2014

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Pin by Dianna Leeder is thewomenscoachcravemorelifecom on Kicking Y

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

one entries ready to go in Gold Cup and Saucer trials at the Charlottetown Driving Park

one entries ready to go in Gold Cup and Saucer trials at the Charlottetown Driving Park

Twentyone horses will go head to head in three trials of the Sobeys Gold Cup and Saucer at the Charlottetown Driving Park.

The three $10,000 trials will line up Saturday night, Sunday afternoon and Monday night with the top three from each trial going to the $60,000 Gold Cup and Saucer final on Saturday, Aug. 17.

Trial 2 has Modern Xhibit off the rail for owner Moase and trainer Shepherd, with the early favourite to win it all, Hillbilly Hanover, drawing Post 5 for North Americas leading trainer Ron Burke of Pennsylvania.

Hillbilly Hanover was a winner two starts back in 1:50.4 over the halfmile oval at Yonkers Raceway in New York, putting the 1:51 CDP track record in possible jeopardy.

Two more Islandowned horses are in the mix in Trial 2 with Proven Lover leaving from Post 4 for owner Casey Gavin of Tignish and All Turain for Lee and Trevor Hicken of Montague leaving from Post 6.

Trial 3 will see Atlantic Sires Stakes graduate Junebugs Baby coming off the rail for ownertrainer Fraser Turnbull of Cape Breton.

Islandowned Lulus Boy has drawn Post 3 for owners Allan MacDonald of Charlottetown and Brett MacDonald of Russell, Ont., after shipping in from New York.

Obama says it is time to wind down Fannie and Freddie

Obama says it is time to wind down Fannie and Freddie

Almost five years after taxpayers bailed out mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, President Obama said on Tuesday that it was time for private investors to take a bigger role in the mortgage market.

Fannie and Freddie collapsed in 2008 before being bailed out with almost $200 billion in taxpayer funds.

But with the nations real estate market on the mend, Obama said in an address in Phoenix on home ownership that it was time to wind down the two companies and make clear that the days of a guaranteed government bailout are over.

For too long, these companies were allowed to make big profits buying mortgages, knowing that if their bets went bad, taxpayers would be left holding the bag, Obama said. It was heads we win, tails you lose. And it was wrong.

For the better part of his time in the White House, Obama has faced calls to shake up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but the administration has held back on taking action while the housing market was weak.

With his remarks, Obama for the first time endorsed bipartisan efforts in the Senate at mortgage reform. At the same time, he made it clear that he expects any legislation will spell out a limited government role for backing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the future, and that it must ensure Americans continued access to a 30year mortgage at a fixed interest rate.

I believe that while our housing system must have a limited government role, private lending should be the backbone of the housing market, including communitybased lenders who view their borrowers not as a number, but as a neighbor, Obama said.

Obama also repeated his call for Congress to take action to make it easier for homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages to refinance their loans at lower interest rates.

The president also attempted to tie the fate of the housing market to Congress passing an overhaul of the countrys immigration laws, a secondterm legislative priority for the White House that is facing tough opposition in the Republicancontrolled House. He noted a recent study by the proimmigration group Americas Society/ Council of the Americas that shows immigrants have added $ 3.7 trillion in housing wealth.

Its pretty simple: when more people buy homes, and play by the rules, home values go up for everybody, Obama said. housing bust that wiped out $7 trillion in homeowner equity to make the next speech in his ongoing summer road tour in which he has been spotlighting his ideas for creating jobs and promoting growth, while hammering Republicans for not working with him to help bolster a still lackluster economy.

The speech on Tuesday is a bookend to the remarks he made in Phoenix shortly after taking office in 2009 as the real estate market crumbled.

While the Phoenix market is still well below its prehousing crisis height, the area has made progress. The median singlefamilyhome price rose again to $185,000, up about 26 percent from May of last year. And foreclosure starts hit historical levels this spring.

The president will follow up his speech on Wednesday with an online interview on the real estate website Zillow where he will expand on his ideas for keeping the housing market on a winning streak.

Before the speech, Obama was greeted at Phoenix International Airport by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

The two had a famously tense exchange last year on the Phoenix tarmac, in which Obama expressed his displeasure with Brewer, a Republican, describing him as patronizing in her 2011 book Scorpions for Breakfast. At one point during the 2012 meeting, Brewer was seen by reporters wagging her finger at Obama and the two appeared to be talking over each other.

North Haven Assistant Superintendent of Schools Patricia Brozek dies

North Haven Assistant Superintendent of Schools Patricia Brozek dies

NORTH HAVEN Assistant Superintendent of Schools Patricia K. Brozek died Friday, leaving a legion of mourners behind.

are just shocked and heartbroken, North Haven High School Principal Russell Dallai said Saturday.

Word of her death started to spread late Friday night after school staff was informed of her passing. American Legion Post 76 Commander Dan Riccio made an announcement at the reviewing stand of the North Haven Memorial Day Parade Saturday morning and called for a moment of silence, according to First Selectman Michael J. Freda.

Brozek was 62 and lived in Branford.

Brozek was taken to the emergency room of YaleNew Haven Hospital Thursday afternoon. She died Friday morning, according to her best friend and longtime colleague, Elsa Ruoff. Brozek had been having breathing problems lately, but the cause of death is unknown, she said.

Said Ruoff, Pat was a true educational leader who put her heart and soul into every position she served in in North Haven. Personally, she was a loving, caring, loyal friend whom I will truly miss.

loss of Pat Brozek is upsetting both personally and for the town of North Haven. Pat heart has always been with North Haven, said Board of Education Chairwoman Anita Anderson.

Brozek grew up in North Haven and attended high school at Sacred Heart Academy in Hamden. She graduated from Salve Regina College, then started her 39career with the district. She also had a master in reading and a sixthyear certificate in administration and supervision from Southern Connecticut State University.

She started teaching English at the high and middle schools in 1973. She was the high school athletic director, the Orchard Hill Junior High School assistant principal and then high school assistant principal.

She became principal in 1992 following the death of Stu Elliott. The longestserving principal of North Haven High School, she became district director of personnel and instruction in 2007 and assistant superintendent in 2008. North Haven Pageant, an event that kept her connected to students. She was a big supporter of school sports, student activities and loved the Boston Red Sox, so much so that she named her cats and

On Saturday at the parade, Dallai walked with the band, just like Brozek did. The band dedicated its parade performance to her, he said.

Superintendent of Schools Robert D. Cronin has arranged for there to be counseling at schools on Tuesday.

a tremendous loss to the district because there has been such a history with Pat, when you think of North Haven schools. For many people, that who you immediately think of. It hard to imagine the district without her, said Cronin, superintendent since April 2011.

Cronin said he and Brozek worked well together and as a new person coming to the district Brozek have been more gracious, supportive and welcoming. We had a very good partnership, a very good team.

really enjoyed working with her, said Freda. worked collaboratively together on many projects. Roberts, in his 60s, has been a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission for a number of years. Continued.2.

NVIDIA GeForce GTXDual GPU Video Card Review

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Dual GPU Video Card Review

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Dual GPU Video Card ReviewIs the GeForce GTX 690 the best dualGPU video card ever built Well compare performance to GeForce GTX 680 SLI and Radeon HD 7970 CFX to see where the new beast from NVIDIA stands. We overclock the dual GPUs and push these as far as we can. Surely this is the best performance ever experienced from a single video card.

We tested the power utilization at the wall of the entire system without a video card, and with each video card at idle and full load. For full load power and temperature testing we used real gaming, in this case every game we tested. The power supply used in testing is an Enermax MaxRevo 1350W. Our system is very lean with only one optical drive and one hard drive being powered. Total system wattage at idle without video card is 67W.

The power utilization results of the GeForce GTX 690 are nothing but amazing. Notice first off it has the lowest idle wattage at 101W. Then notice that every result at stock settings is lower than two GeForce GTX 680 video cards and two Radeon HD 7970 video cards. In Batman 442W instead of 520W with two cards, in BF3 432W instead of 501W with two cards. It goes on and on like this, with GTX 690 consistently performing similar to GTX 680 SLI but with much less power required. What is really shocking is that even when overclocked to 1202MHz the GTX 690 is still more power efficient than two GTX 680s! All the overclocked power results are under that of two GTX 680 video cards at stock settings! So even if you overclock this video card, youll still be operating with less overall power utilization compared to two stock 680 cards, wow, just wow.

Both GPUs idle at about the same temperature as two separate video cards, somewhere between 41c and 43c. Even more amazing is at fullload the GPUs reached 83c, the same temp as each 680 separately. Therefore putting two GPUs on this single video card using NVIDIAs new cooling has maintained the same operating temperatures. When overclocked to 1202MHz with a 75% fan we found that the GPUs got as hot as 86c, and that was in Deus Ex. In all other games it was more around 8283c.

The GTX 690 fan and cooling system is simply quiet. NVIDIA has succeeded in meeting its acoustic goals. Fan noise is not a factor you have to worry about with this video card.

Monster mom gets her fourth child via

Monster mom gets her fourth child via 14

Appalling it may look, but it is true. A case of a 14yearold girl having been exhorted by her mother to become pregnant by using syringes of donor sperm has come to light. Despite miscarriage, the teenager was repeatedly forced by her mother to take several attempts with donor sperms until she finally gave birth to baby boy, when she turned 17. The behaviour of the mother, who is serving a fiveyear jail term for cruelty was termed and selfish defying belief, by High Court Judge Peter Jackson in his ruling on Monday.

The judge said, the mother, an American divorcee living in Britian with three adopted children, hatched the devilish plan to get her daughter pregnant when she was prevented to adopt a fourth. She bought the syringes of sperm online over the internet form a Denmarkbased company, Cryos International, Jackson said. The daughter, who is identified as A to guard her privacy, said, she became pregnant by donor sperm bought by her mother to provide her mother a fourth child. Though the daughter was initially shocked at her mother suggestion, she finally gave in to be able to gain love for herself, she revealed.

I do this . maybe she will love me more, the daughter told the court in her statement. The judge revealed that the mother had even asked her daughter to use douches of vinegar or lemon to increase her chances of having a girl.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The best place for news in and around Oakland County

The best place for news in and around Oakland County

Artificial sweeteners have gotten a pretty bad wrap over the years. Early research showed that large quantities of the sugar substitute sacarin causes bladder tumors in lab animals, but there has never been any clear research that showed that moderate amounts of artificial sweeteners cause any type of cancer in humans.

That said, there are a few reasons why you might want to think twice about how many sugar substitutes youre using. The sugar substitute called aspartame is two hundred times sweeter than table sugar, and sucralose, which comes in the little yellow packets, is 600 times sweeter than table sugar. So if youre using large quantities of sugar substitutes, youre actually training your taste buds to expect a more intense level of sweetness. Plus, just because you use an alternative sweetener doesnt mean youre lowering your calorie intake for the day. If you reach for a sugarfree cookie, it may not end up satisfying your craving and then you overindulge and have another ten. Or, some people justify having an excessively large lunch, well, because they had a diet soda. Well weight loss doesnt exactly work that way.

Its okay to use artificial sweeteners in moderation, but just keep in mind that because they are so sweet, a little bit will go a very long way. And if youre using them to control your calorie intake for weight loss, you have to use the products as part of a whole diet of low calorie foods.

The Key Components Of A Corporate Training Program

The Key Components Of A Corporate Training Program

1. Knowledge of policies, practices, and procedures of the division and company.

Corporate training programs for new recruits should always have the vital points of the employee handbook that explains these policies, practices, and procedures. This part of corporate training should include your company policies towards fairminded, ethical, professional and lawful issues. The corporate training should also include an synopsis of the various divisions.

Depending on how many products and services the employees will be responsible for his profile, this part of the corporate training plan could be quite broad. Key things to remember is that depending on the product/service, corporate training plans for products/services can often be quite dull and consequently it is important that elements of the training course are fun and more interactive.

3. Corporate training on esential communication skills.

Since most employees spend a majority of their time either face to face or on the phone or on mails to customers and prospective customers. This must be an important part of communication skills in any corporate training programs. Employees need to know how to speak and listen effectively in every customer contact. Writing effective mails is becoming critical to most orgainsations.

4. Corporate Training for the technical tools.

Technical training should encompass learning of all the technical skills that the employees must posses, this can be as small as understanding the telephone/epabx system through to the most technical computers ormachinery or systems the Company uses. Technical competencies are always essential in any corporate training program.

5. Corporate soft skills training.

This training should include topics such as customer service skills, negotiation, time management training, forcefulness skills training and assessment skills training, as well as skills attitude and knowledge training such as management training and sales training. This element of corporate training courses may include videobased, instructorled, or computerbased or even online training.

6. Corporate trainings on the career

Learning and corporate training does not need to be class room based, there is no substitute for ongoing training and learning on the job.

This is a key part of any corporate training program and in many victorious organizations instructor training is only the foundation, but the success of any training leaned in a classroom is how convenient the skill learned are in terms of the day to day work the employee carries out.

All corporate training plan should make certain that the focus is on useful learning skills which will help the employee day to day, to carry out their role effectively. The key to success is post training to ensure that the skills educated on the corporate training plan are then industrial on the job

The ChillTec Thermoelectric CPU Cooler Review

The ChillTec Thermoelectric CPU Cooler Review

When I was approached to do this review, I was a little bit skeptical. An air cooled peltier? I had always heard that peltiers needed watercooling, and had a massive power draw. I was thinking to myself, this cooler must cost a fortune. You could say that I was a little biased. The Ultra ChillTec Thermoelectric CPU Cooler features a relatively high MSRP of $149.99, but does the price justify the performance that it provides for you. Ultra gives a description of the cooler that cannot be put any better.

A TEC thermoelectric cooler also known as a Peltier Cooler, is a solidstate active heat pump capable of transferring heat from one side of the device to the other. Ultra uses a TEC, sandwiched between two copper plates, each plate with four heatpipes leading to a large, fan cooled radiator. Because TECs are capable of cooling below room temperature, often condensation is a concern. But not with the Ultra ChillTEC. The ChillTECs control unit does not apply power to the TEC unless the CPU reaches a certain temperature. Up to this point, the CPU is cooled by the heatpipes on the cold side of the TEC. Once the CPU is hot, power is applied to the TEC and the CPU is chilled. The hot side of the TEC is cooled by the second set of heatpipes. This perfect balance of thermoelectric cooling and heatpipe cooling ensures the CPU is kept at the perfect operating temperature. Ideal for hardcore use, even opening up the potential for overclocking that standard air cooling alone can not provide.

As the above blurb states, the cooler is your everyday normal heat pipe air cooler. On top of the fins is a housing that serves as a shroud. Connected to that shroud is a vertically mounted 92x92x25mm fan. The fan itself is controlled by TEC Temperature Control Unit, and the fan can run up to 2800rpm at a noise level of 28db. Sandwiched between the base and the heatpipes is a TEC that is capable of dissipating 50W of heat.

So whats in the box? Well for one the box is very large, and contains many goodies.

In the bottom left is the ChillTec LCD Display Unit. In the bottom right is a topview of the ChillTec Cooler. In the top right is the box of installation parts. These include all of your various CPU mounting brackets, and the various cables to connect the TEC to the Display Unit.

Upon first impression of the Ultra ChillTec, your struck by how well built this cooler is. If the judge of a good cooler is the weight, then this cooler must be one great performer. Below you can get an idea of it size. This cooler dwarfs the stock Intel Cooler. To get an idea of height, it is about the same size as the Scythe Ninja in height.

The base comes with a protective plastic cover, like most coolers today. As you can see the base is polished well. Its close to a mirror finish, and some machining marks can be felt if you run your finger over the base.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tera Patrick dishes on her divorce

Tera Patrick dishes on her divorce

Adult film star Tera Patrick gave her porn star hubby Evan Seinfeld an ultimatum their marriage or his steamy screen career and he chose porn, she claims.

In her new memoir, Sinner Takes All, Patrick recounts how she told Seinfeld, her husband of seven years, last summer that he had to give up starring in Xrated films if he wanted to stay married to her. Patrick herself had not shot a new video since 2006. After Seinfeld chose the flicks, the couple split in September.

Writes Patrick: I said to Evan, Im your wife, and that is the strongest bond two people should have, and that should come first. Ive moved on from porn. And I want you to stop. You promised me youd only do porn for a few years. Your few years are up.

When Patrick met Seinfeld, he was an actor on HBOs Oz and a bass player in the heavymetal band Biohazard and had yet to take on the adult film world.

His take was this, Patrick relates. Im having a great time. Im having my cake and I get to eat it, too.

Patrick, who starred in nearly 100 adult movies during her 10year career, currently hosts a show on the Playboy TV channel, School of Sex.

My big point was this: Almost every couple in porn breaks up, and I didnt want to be another porn statistic, she says in the book. I didnt want the porn curse to hit us. Ive seen it happen to other couples. Doing porn as a husband and wife team is safe, but once one branches out to do people outside the marriage, thats when the trouble seems to set in.

After being rebuffed, Patrick fled from her home in Los Angeles to Las Vegas to stay with her mother. Of her divorce, she writes, Though it was my choice, that doesnt mean I wasnt devastated. I so wanted him to tell me he would quit and put me first. But he didnt and that will forever hurt..

Sweetbay to closestores in Florida

Sweetbay to close 33 stores in Florida

The company plans to close the stores by midFebruary.

While these decisions are difficult, especially given the impact on our associates, customers and communities, these actions will continue to enhance the performance of our overall store portfolio and further enable us to deliver profitable growth and accelerate shareholder value, said Nicole LeBeau, a spokeswoman for Sweetbay.

After learning last evening about the proposed closure of three St. Petersburg Sweetbay stores, including the location in Midtown, I immediately assembled key staff members and property stakeholders to share information and discuss options, Foster said. As of this morning, I had conversations with Sweetbay representatives and two meetings with staff and interested parties, and this will remain a high priority pending resolution.

Submit a Campus Notice

Submit a Campus Notice

Campus notices are reserved for items of news and information of importance to the overall campus community, as well as to the extended community of satellite campuses; faculty, staff, and students residing on and off campus; parents; and the community at large. Think of notices like interoffice memos.

Notices are not intended to be event or activity announcements, which should more properly be submitted as an Event Calendar listing.

Notices will be posted online for no longer than 45 days. Notices are posted on a rolling basis. Please allow at least two to three business days for your submission to be processed. Approved notices are listed online and many are featured in the Virginia Tech News Daily Email, the Virginia Tech News weekly student email, and on the Virginia Tech News homepage on a spaceavailable basis.

If you have questions about Campus Notices, please email us or call 5402312611.

March 1, 2012 update: Please note that the Campus Notice form now requires CAPTCHA before submission. Note: The system will require one of the words to be entered correctly, but both words must be entered. Click the icons to the right of where the words appear for a new challenge, audio, or help.

Stay and Play Day Care Center

Stay and Play Day Care Center

I love this place!!! Everyone is always helpful and concerned, always on top of the game. My experience in the past with another daycare provider was a horrible experience for my 2 kiddos. They were scared to go there and i was scared at first to take them to Stay and Play, but once I did I noticed how happy my kids were and ALWAYS talk about how much fun they had and have. The caregivers are awesome and help the kiddos to grow their minds with learning activities. I would recommend this place to everyone!!

This specific location has a great service and some awesome staff. My personal experience is Mrs Mary, Mrs Bertha,Mrs Ethel, Mrs Ersa and all the awesome office staff, the nicest Lady who drives the bus that goes to ISD Keeble. Before the kids get ready for school, the sweet bus lady get the bus ready for the kids with car seats etc. When school finishes, the bus lady comes and picks up my child and take them back to daycare safety. The front office is ready to get the kids inside and feed then followed of a nice nap. If the day is nice outside kids gets to play outside supervised by the staff.

Special schools for pregnant girls

Special schools for pregnant girls

But it was the thought of not having to go to school quite so early, when she felt her worst, that pushed her to transfer to the Marian Pritchett School, an alternative public school in Boise for pregnant and parenting students. That decision, she says, saved her from dropping out.

A senior now, she plasters her binders with photos of her son, Ryder. This June, shell mark another milestone: On her head will be a tasseled square cap.

Pritchett school, however, faces a funding shortfall because state grants that fund it have dried up. Separate schools for pregnant teens have dwindled in recent years because of concern for educational equality, budget constraints, and changing social mores.

But with onethird of all girls who drop out citing motherhood as a reason for leaving, these specialty schools from a bygone era may yet hold some lessons about how to keep kids in school. The support for these specialized programs is critical in that they provide models of possibility in what can be done in school systems, says Wendy Luttrell, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Such alternative schools have been declining since the early 1990s, she says, as the idea of mainstreaming pregnant girls gained hold. Which approach is better depends often on the services available to girls in a particular region. So when New York City closed its last four PSchools for pregnant teens last year, Dr. Luttrell supported the move. The city had high levels of services, and research showed that the PSchools gave the girls an inferior education. But she opposed a similar move in North Carolina years earlier because of the limited access to services there.

At Pritchett, the funding shortfall means that principal Deborah HeddenNicely may lose fulltime social worker Rhonda Murray, who handles many of the girls basic needs day care, government aid, even relationship advice so the faculty can focus on quadratic equations, Shakespeare, and standardized tests.

Alicia credits Ms. Murray with getting her food stamps and Medicaid when she had nearly given up. She actually goes directly down there and hands the forms to them. Ive had so many applications supposedly lost, or I didnt fill it out right or something. So shes basically there to be my supporter, says Alicia.

Above all, the school drills the value of a diploma. Incoming students are snapped wearing a cap and gown. Their photos hang in the hallway as a visual goal.