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Friday, February 28, 2014

pledge coupons

pledge coupons

Pledge is a SC Johnson brand which offers cleaning products for about anything you walk on or use in everyday life. For more than 50 years, Pledge has helped dust, clean, moisturize and protect your furniture quickly and easily.

Pledge product include wood, glass, counter tops, electronics, floors, appliances and upholstery. Pledge brands and products can be found at your local super market or local convince store or any store that sells house hold products.

Pledge coupons can be found online at different coupon sites. You can also look for them in the weekly adds and news papers. Also click the links on this page to get more discounts and coupons.

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Spicing Up Beef Noodle Recipes

Spicing Up Beef Noodle Recipes

One of the most flexible and delicious meals you can prepare for your loved ones on a regular basis is Beef Noodle Dishes. Beef noodles are absolutely yummy, easy to create and can be cooked in a variety of ways to keep every member of your family satisfied at dinner time. Here are some tips.

Beef noodle dishes usually consist of pasta noodles and a beef sauce. Beef sauces can come in a multitude of flavors. Some people make beef sauce using soups. A favorite of mine is to use canned Mushroom soup or if you prefer canned French onion soup mix. Feel free to also utilize dry beef soup mixes. While I do think the canned mixes usually deliver a better recipe, the difference in taste is usually not that noticeable.

For noodles, I often use wide and flat pasta noodles. However, everybody has a noodle preference. Some prefer long thin noodles, others like them long and thick and then you have loved ones that enjoy wide noodles or pasta shapes. In general they all taste similar, with a little variety due to texture. However, it is often a useful idea to switch up the style of the noodles around to keep the entire recipe fresh.

Adding beef to your beef noodle recipe is appreciated, but actually not necessary. For who prefer chunky beef noodle recipes use hamburger meat. Others may appreciate Swedish meatball type beef in their recipes and thirdly, feel free to use steak for delicious hot dishes and beef noodle stir fry Noodles with Mushrooms

1.5 pounds of lean hamburger meat

Boil the noodles separately. In a large frying pan or wok, add some oil and start cooking the steak first. Once mostly cooked, add veggies, peppers and soy sauce to taste. This recipe makes about 6 servings. Besides soy sauce, you can try some of the numerous oriental sauces available, such as Hoisin sauce, plum sauce, Thai spicy sauce, etc. Read our full Terms of Service.

Small Pick Up Trucks Snowplows

Small Pick Up Trucks Snowplows

snow plows for the full size pick up trucks. But if you havent notice for the past 10 yearscoming of the assembly line in todays world. However, the demand for small truck snowplows for this market is not totally un noticed. There are some plow manufacturers out there addressing this demand. But before we get to excited let discuss the different in full size pick up truck opposed to small size pick up trucks. When I look at this type of application, one of the things I look at is the operating weight, Small size pick up trucks have less operating weight when it comes to pushing snow. You want to make sure you put the right size plow on the truck and not A 8 ft plow. Your pushing pressure can only be so much moving mass. So remember to keep the plow scaled to the right small truck. Most small snowplow truck are usually used in tight spots or for home owners driveway an not used to much in the commercial application. The small pick up trucks use a 6ft to 6.5 ft plows and are made in clear Polycarbonate, or steel . The also have light weight sub frames and are be simple to install. They even is a company that makes a plow that can hook up a snow plow to just the tow hooks and You use a remote control for the plow operating with out having to install a additional wiring harness. Remember these small truck snowplows are for light weight snow work. If used for that application you will get years of good service out of them. You can now get a complete small truck snowplow systems with a full certification for under $1300.00 Start the season with a brand new snowplow on your Toyota ,Honda, Dodge, Ford, Montero pick up truck.

Rules For Getting The Story Down

Rules For Getting The Story Down

1. Write it fast, fix it later.

2. Commit to writing 16 minutes per day or 3 hours per week. If it is easier foryou, commit to writing 3 pages a day.

3. Quality is more important than quantity. If you only get one paragraph donebut it conveys your feelings and paints a picture the reader can see, then it isgood.

4. Write standalone anecdotes, stories or chapters. You can connect them laterwith a theme, but if you dont the pearls will still have great value.

5. Make sure each piece has a hook which brings the reader in, a middle which gives the necessary information and the end which teaches a moral,makes us laugh or delivers the point. The end is usually tied in with the hook.

6. Dont worry about literary style. Write your story as if you were sitting at thekitchen table swapping tales. Be yourself.

7. Include lots of details. Remember what was going on in society, the family,and the neighborhood as well as physically and emotionally with the peopleinvolved in the story.

8. Remember the five senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and feel. Help thereader relive the memory with you.

9. Edit out 10%. You will be amazed at how much better it is when you take outthe extra words and phrases. Now edit out another 10%.

10. Let others read it for content, grammar and flow. Listen to their suggestions. If one or two people tell you the same thing it is an opinion, however if 3 ormore tell you it is an observation that you should definitely consider.

11. Dont allow others or yourself to criticize too much. You are your own worstcritic. It doesnt have to be perfect or to please everyone. It just has to bedone. Many generations will be grateful you took the time, energy and risk torecord some small part of history.

12. Rewrite or correct passages. Let it sit for a few days and then you may wantto tighten it some more.

13. Include some memorabilia or photos to bring the manuscript to life. You mayfind copies of newspaper articles, letters, cartoons, maps, etc., that will addinterest and information.

14. Finish the thing! It will never be completely done but bring it to a logicalconclusion and be able to let it go and start on another project.

Pruning Grape Vines

Pruning Grape Vines

Pruning grape vines can be an obstacle for grape growers. It doesnt have to be like this. Youre about to discover the benefits of pruning in a nutshell. Pruning grape vines is a basic principle that any grower, regardless of experience must understand. Whenever you leave a vine unpruned, the first year youll have a massive big crop. Novice growers can feel delighted with their success and wonder what all the pruning fuss is about.

Theres a flipside to this.

The vine will produce more fruit than it knows what to do with because when you actually prune a vine correctly, you remove as much as 95 to 98% of the previous seasons growth. If you leave all of that growth from the previous year it will have buds on it, which means youll have a huge crop the following year.

The vine cant produce enough energy to ripen an unregulated crop, and itll be poor quality. The clusters will be straggly, and you wont have much fruit worth using. Even if it is able to ripen, given that it has to force so hard to come through, the vine will have diverted energy that it might ordinarily use to mature the wood and to help the vine get ready for winter.

For free master class on growing grapes visit Grapeschool now.

The Grape Growers Pruning Mindset

Its vital for you to learn how to prune and know that the pruning is not just a chore. Its something that keeps the vine in balance. It maintains the natural equilibrium. It helps keep the vine in the form you want it in. It allows you to have a good regular crop of the best quality grapes you can have year after year after year.

You shouldnt be flipflopping between a big oversized crop and a scraggly little one the next year, and so on.

Pruning is the whole method for keeping a vine in balance. It will balance itself of sorts, in a way, after it grows its own way after a few years, but then you have something thats probably growing up in the trees; has much less crop than you would ever get if you were to keep it pruned and guided.

Learn pruning and training, and youre vines will always give you a good reasonable crop, everything else being equal.

Claim your free expert advice on growing grapes for beginners and more experienced growers.

What about grapevines out in the wild?

If you simply let a grape vine grow it will be difficult to manage and probably wont be doing any of the things youd like it to do. Im sure everybody whose ever grown fruit has seen this once in their life at least where some; an old grape vine has gone wild and grown up into a tree or something and you notice that it will have fruit pretty much every year.

If you look at it and find out if you know what variety it is you usually will find out that the fruit is not nearly as good as on a vine that which has been kept under controlled and pruned.

In many ways pruning is, in essence, the art of grape growing. I see grape growing as living art which seeks to improve on what nature does anyway, by encouraging the natural process.

This is the foundation to everything I teach about growing grapes. You can claim your free master class by going to Grapeschool now.

The point of pruning is simply to keep not only keep the vine in control because you can get a big vine and Ive seen grape vines that wild vines and cultivated ones that were let go that could cover a half acre.

This is the point grapevines have the ability to grow and spread to cover considerable areas, so from a practical point of view this needs to managed.

In summary, the point of the pruning is simply to keep the vines in control, keep them in a form that you can work with and to regulate the crop. The next thing to learn is how to work with spurs and canes. As buds come in youll find each has a small cluster or two or more of grapes in it. This leads to the over growth already mentioned.

Pruning grape vines is essential to

Regulate the crop size Adjust the quality of the fruit Control the growth where you can manage it. Whether your reasons for growing grapes are to create decorative garden features, making wine, practical and commercial reasons, it doesnt alter the principles and the importance of pruning.

Proper Funeral Etiquette

Proper Funeral Etiquette

Everyone should observe proper etiquette during a funeral. A death in the family or of a friend can bring out the best and the worst in people. And while you might mean well, some things should be left unsaid when visiting a funeral or the home of those in mourning.

Visitors should refrain from saying things that might offend the family of the deceased. Saying that it was time for him to go, he lived long enough, it could have been worse, and things like this can bring more grief to those left behind.

Parents who lost a child will not want to be reminded that their offspring died ahead of them. Nor is it comforting for them to hear that it was Gods will. You can have another one, should definitely be avoided as well. A child who died can never be simply replaced by another.

It is proper funeral etiquette to remain mum with regards to the timing, appearances, and theology of the deceased. The death of a loved one is never a good thing, under any circumstances. Keep in mind its never the right time to die, and no one has lived long enough from the viewpoint of those close to them.

Speaking about religion, and Gods will, is against good funeral etiquette as well. This topic should be left for the professionals, such as the priests and the ministers. This is usually the common mistake majority of those of us are guilty of violating proper funeral etiquette.

What a friend can truly offer is his or her sincerity, support, and comfort, during a time of bereavement. He should anticipate the needs of each individual. The grieving process can be unique with each family member. It is an important part of funeral etiquette to allow the grieving parties to speak their minds out. Your role is to listen to them. They themselves might even say some things that should be normally be avoided, but it is their right to do so. They are struggling in finding answers for their loss. A friend should be there and be supportive. But the most important thing to do is listen. Keep your ears open.

The next thing to do with regards to funeral etiquette which is very important is to validate what the loved one has done for the deceased. Tell them how they cared and persevered during the hard times. A person might look strong and resilient on the outside but inside he might be suffering heavily. It helps him to be reminded of the good and helpful things he did while his loved one was still alive.

Proper funeral etiquette must be observed both at a funeral, and in the homes of those in mourning. Pay attention to those who are grieving, and learn how to approach each individual. The grieving process can be short or long. It depends on how the person takes it.

Professional Organizations

Professional Organizations

Professional Organizations: Join or Fold?by Catherine Franz

All of us join professional organizations for a reasona friend belongs, we need to for credibility, etc. Many times we let years slide by and we dont stop and review those reasons. Unless something sets off a boundarylack of funds, the organization runs itself into a ditch, or a leadership problem.

I know, as an accountant for 15 years, I joined organization after organization. Without knowing it, and after delegating it to my assistant, I realized that I belonged to

32 organizations. Yes, at one time. Yes, I know this is probably exceptional. Yes, I can blame it on my assistant or being too busy. But Im not. It wasnt until I began to take a complete review of those memberships that I realize many no longer fit.

During the review process, I learned to ask different questions. Let me share with you a 6step process that Ive used for the last 8 years that I know will help you:

1 choose more wisely in the future; 2 set your intention and expectations first; and 3 know what you want to give back.

This 10minute exercise will save you time and money as well as make money and create time with smarter choices in the future.

Make a list of current memberships of all your professional organizations. Yes, go ahead abbreviations.

Ask what was your intention for joining this organization at that time?

Does that intention still fit? If yes, rating from 110, what would your rating be when you joined and what would be the rating now? 1=because I was new to the profession. 10=Im getting more out of my membership than I ever intended. If that intention doesnt fit, would you like to change it or fold dissolve your membership. If the 110 rating does fit for you, create one that does.

What is my expectations for my membership? What do I expect to get out of belonging in 2004? If your beginning rating was low and its still low, do you have any expectations for that changing in the future and what do you need to do in order to get to that level? Are my expectations realistic? When do I want to have the first three steps of those expectations, if any, completed.

The most valuable question part of 4What set of circumstances or date will the membership end? Remember, everything is temporary.

Prioritize each membership. Which one do you value most? Least? What do you value most? What does that one have that the others dont? Is it something that you have the power to change? What needs to change to make them all valuable to their fullest? Is it even possible? Realistic?

Sixth, how can your membership in each organization help you with your goals in the future? Match your goals with the organizations value. What value does it add to your life, family, or business?

Honesty now. Okay, it may take some of you with a longer list more than the 10minutes I promised. You have to agree though, just reading these steps will get you to think a little differently before joining or renewing your membershipsin any organization.

From a coaching standpoint, and a FYI, having expectations is a good thing!

This is a great exercise to complete at least once a year.

If you take a few extra minutes right now, now that you are focused on this topic, and write the expiration date next to the organization. And add those dates into your task alert system to review these questions again before you renew.

You can also create a file folder called, Professional Membership Evaluations Renewals. Inside the front cover, you can write in BIG bold letters, Whats in it for me to belong?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

There are few things more highly anticipated than the first ripe strawberry of spring or a crisp fall apple, just days off the tree. In our Market Fresh series we look at the produce in season this month and offer quick and easy suggestions for how to enjoy it.

One surefire sign of the autumn harvest season? The versatile sweet potato. Great as a main course, side dish, lunch or dessert, read on to see why sweet potatoes are one of North Americas healthiest, most delicious traditions.

Sweet potatoes, available in supermarkets yearround, are nutritional powerhouses. They are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, and a good source of potassium and fiber. The betacarotene found in sweet potatoes is thought to have strong antioxidant powers that help the body fight disease. Sweet potatoes are filling yet fatfree, cholesterolfree and very low in calories.

Selection, preparation and storage

Youll find two different types of sweet potatoes in your supermarket: A yellowfleshed potato with a dry skin, and a bright orangefleshed potato with a moist skin. The orangefleshed sweet potato is often referred to as a yam and is slightly sweeter in taste than the yellow variety.

When selecting, look for smooth, firmfeeling sweet potatoes. Avoid potatoes that have wrinkles, cracks, brown spots, bruises or decay, as well as those stored in the refrigerated section the cold alters their taste. Sweet potatoes spoil more quickly than regular spuds, so if stored at room temperature, aim to cook them within a week. Or they can be stored for up to a month in a cool, dry place like a basement. Do not store sweet potatoes in the refrigerator.

How to use sweet potatoes

To cook, scrub potatoes lightly and rinse. Pierce with a fork and bake whole with skins on most of the nutrients are stored near the skin, plus theyre easier to remove after baking at 400F for about 45 minutes. You might want to spread a sheet of aluminum foil on the oven shelf below the natural sugars can leak out and make a mess. Youll know theyre done when a sharp knife inserted into the potato gives little resistance. For a quicker hot potato, zap in the microwave for 5 to 10 minutes on a paper towel. Another option is to steam potato quarters for about 20 to 30 minutes. If desired, remove skins after potato is cool enough to handle. If you do peel the potatoes before cooking, store them in a bowl of cold water until you cook them, as the air will cause a raw, peeled sweet potato to oxidize and turn brown.

Sweet potatoes are also delicious:For a new twist on pancakes, try adding 1/2 cup of pureed sweet potatoes,3/4 cup of apple juice and 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice to 3/4 cup of multigrain pancake mix. Then cook pancakes as usual. They taste great topped with pumpkin butter.

As a snack

In the mood for a goodforyou snack food? Bake your own sweet potato chips. Thinly slice a large sweet potato and arrange on a baking sheet. Brush lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with salt to taste. Bake at 400F for about 15 minutes or until slightly brown.

On the grill

For a tropical twist, slice a sweet potato into eight spears and grill, cutside down, on a lightlyoiled grill rack use your outdoor grill or a grill pan on the stovetop. Cook for about eight minutes, or until grill marks are visible and the potatoes are cooked through check with a sharp knife for doneness. Place in a serving bowl and sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg before serving. Optional: Top with a dollop of fatfree yogurt or drizzle with a tablespoon of maple syrup.

Skateboard Commuting

Skateboard Commuting

First off, a skateboard is fun! Walking is pretty fun, but weaving through a crowd of people on a piece of wood strapped to wheels is seriously exhilarating. Theres nothing quite like it.A skateboard is also a green way to commute. The only thing required to get a skateboard moving is yourself. Since it requires no fuel and doesnt pollute the environment, its much better than other alternatives.One downside to a skateboard is that it takes the life of a tree. This isnt really a problem because its only a single tree and the board will last a very long time, but the fact that a tree was killed still upsets certain groups of people. Many skateboard companies have begun planting new trees for each one that gets chopped down for a skateboard to offset this problem.Commuting with a skateboard is also incredibly easy. Theres a small learning curve that you have to beat, but its well worth it. When its all said and done, you can just strap on a helmet and go.One easy way to get around on your skateboard if you dont feel like pushing is to find a hill. If you find a good, steep hill, its possible to roll for quite a long distance. Just go to the top of the hill, get on the board, and go.If youre feeling crazy, you can try skitching. Skitching is when a skater holds on to the back of a car/bus/motorcycle or any other moving object and enjoys the free ride. Skitching, although exciting and fun, can be deadly.It would be stupid to skitch on a main road or street, and its not a good idea to skitch without permission of the driver. If you do end up skitching, dont skitch too fast or you will end up hurting yourself.Skateboarding is also great if youre a student. Many universities have banned skateboarding, but a few havent. Skating on campus is a great thing to do.Youll find that skating on campus is great because it helps you get to class on time. You also avoid fighting for a spot in the parking lot. If you live close to campus, you could commute to the actual campus, and avoid traffic in the process.Some even use their skateboard as a way to lose weight. Commuting long distances on a skateboard can be a good workout. Its possible to lose a good amount of weight skateboarding, and I highly recommend you give it a try if youre looking for an alternative to your treadmill.You know now how useful a skateboard can be when it comes to commuting. If you dont already have one, get one. For what you receive, a skateboard is relatively cheap. They also last a long time. He enjoys longboarding, trickboarding, and everything in the middle.You must login to leave a comment.Related ArticlesGoing diving? Do your research firstWhat could go wrong? Diving is fundamentally dangerous, an 8 year old knows that but accidents are few and far between. That not to say that things can go wrong,. Read ArticleEbike: The Electric Mountain BikeIf you are considering getting an electric motor assisted bicycle, or ebike, you have a few options to choose from. No longer limited solely to road bikes and light weight long. Read ArticleRoyal Horse Gala is on Fire HeatThe Royal Horse Gala, over the weekend of 11/12 September, will include performances from 36 Lipizzaner, Lusitano, Andalusian, Arab and Friesian stallions. Riding schools taking. Read ArticleLeather Horse Saddles Come In A Variety Of StylesWhether you an experienced horseback rider or a beginner, leather horse saddles are a necessity. There are so many to choose from, each varying in style, color, and. Before the 60s and 70s, skaters had skated on. Read ArticleHow to OllieBefore teaching you how to ollie, I should explain what an ollie is. The ollie is a trick that was invented by Alan Ollie Gelfand, around the late 70s. The performer of. Read ArticleLearning About Longboard SkateboardsWhat makes longboard skateboards such a fun past time? Some think its the speed that gets people hooked. Other people believe that hopping on a longboard is just a relaxing. Read Article

Simple Home Remedies at Home

Simple Home Remedies at Home

Gallstone sufferers constantly ask me if they can really pass gallstones naturally at home without using drugs or getting surgery. The answer is YES! And its simple to pass gallstones naturally. So why dont more people know this?

For one thing, hospitals and doctors probably wont tell you about natural health options. Thats not what they do, after all. They make billions of dollars every year cutting gallbladders gallbladder surgery and not saving them with home remedies.

So read every word of this article to discover what your doctor wont tell you. But that could save your life. Thats because gallbladder surgery has serious after effects bowel and colon cancer that you shouldnt have to go through if you try simple natural remedies.

Your gallbladder is an important organ that helps you digest fats and oils. You should not be without it. And you can save your gallbladder by applying the following simple tips to pass gallstones naturally. Your body will gradually start flushing itself of gallstones and as well as toxins and waste products once its free of excess fats and cholesterol.

Fruits and vegetables contain healthy fiber that natural flushes your gallbladder, colon, and liver. 57 servings a day are a good amount to start.

3. Start living healthier and your gallstones will slowly begin dissolving and passing from your body. This means hydration drinking plenty of water and getting regular exercise. Reduce your meal sizes, also. Eating 56 small meals a day can actually trigger the gallbladder muscles to sweep out more gallstones.

Passing Gallstones Naturally Today

These simple tips are surprisingly effective to treat gallstones naturally. However, there is a simple natural home remedy that more and more gallstone sufferers are using to pass their gallstone naturally. An exgallstone sufferer named David Smith now reveals this home remedy in full detail in the Gallstone Elimination Report. Avoid gallbladder surgery and pass gallstones naturally with this simple Gallstone Home Remedy

Side Effects of Painkiller Drugs

Side Effects of Painkiller Drugs

The painkiller drugs or pain medications are widely used drugs for getting relief from pain. The pain medications have over the time proved beneficial in bringing much needed relief from pain due to surgeries, back injuries, arthritis, and migraine etc. Apart from its pain relieving properties, painkiller drugs have potential to cause addiction and have various side effects. The painkiller drugs reduce pain either by suppressing the formation of chemicals in body that cause pain or by binding to the opioid receptors of Central Nervous System CNS.

The painkiller drugs are classified mainly into two types: NonNarcotic and Narcotic.

NonNarcotic painkiller drugs: The NonNarcotic type includes the NonSteroidal AntiInflammatory Drugs NSAIDs. The NSAIDs work by stopping the formation of chemicals that cause pain in the body. Some of the common painkillers under NSAID type are Ibuprophen and acetaminophen.

Narcotic painkiller drugs: Narcotic painkiller drugs can be further divided into opiates and opioids. Opiates are narcotic opioid alkaloids found naturally in poppy plant. Opioids are chemical substances that bind to opioid receptors in CNS. Opioids are used in medications for their analgesic property to get relief from pain. The most common painkiller is Aspirin which is used to cure minor pains, aches, to reduce fever, and as an antiinflammatory medication. Aspirin is also used for its anticlotting effect. Small doses of it are used for long term to prevent heart attack, strokes, and blood clot formation. Painkillers are mostly used to cure minor aches, headache, muscular ache, tooth ache, back ache, joint pains, arthritis, migraine, and in recovering from surgery. The painkillers are also used to treat pain due to inflammation.

Apart from its analgesic properties, the painkillers can also cause severe addiction due to the feeling of euphoria they create. Many OverTheCounter OTC and Prescription painkillers are abused due to addiction. When used under prescription, painkillers reduce pain but when abused it can have several adverse effects on health. Many people get addicted to painkillers particularly after surgery as they take painkillers for long term to numb the pain but develop tolerance and require higher doses every time. The patient can not cope up with the withdrawal symptoms and becomes dependent on the effects which the painkiller gives.

Painkillers can also cause constipation among the persons taking them under prescription. Some laxative substances should be used while using painkillers. Patients should ensure that they take high fibrous diet and consume lot of water and other liquids while using painkillers.

How to Get Things Done When You

How to Get Things Done When You

Breastfeeding has countless benefits for mom and baby. However, one of the socalled disadvantages of breastfeeding is the perception that mothers are tied to their babies or to the nursing chair all the time. Unless you good with a breast pump, you can just drop your baby off with the sitter when you need to run an errand or take time for yourself. What if she gets hungry while you away? And how can you explain to a babysitter why it so important not to give a bottle of formula while you gone?

These challenges can be overcome so as not to disrupt the breastfeeding relationship. Here are some ways you can plan to get things done while you breastfeeding your baby.

Ignore the things you can. If household jobs are calling, put them off if possible. After all, the bedroom will wait if it doesn get painted this month, or this year. Baby, on the other hand, is growing and changing everyday.

Lower your standards. Life after a new baby is a time of adjustment. Life will never be the same, and you have new priorities now. If your home doesn pass the white glove test, so what? You raising a new human. What could be more important than that?

Invest in a sling, and use it. A sling keeps your baby close to you while you work around the house. The rocking motion and your closeness will help baby relax. And it very convenient when it time to nurse. With some slings you can even nurse hands free so you can be doing things you need to do while meeting baby needs.

If you do have to be away from baby, enlist the help of your friends and family. Bring a friend along for an appointment or function to help occupy your baby, and when it time to nurse, you be right there. Or, invite her over to your house to cuddle baby while you get stuff done. When baby gets hungry, you can take a break and nurse.

If you do need to use a babysitter, look for a breastfeeding friendly caregiver who you can educate on the importance of breastfeeding. If you think you want a babysitter, start looking for the right person before baby arrival. Once she here, you want to spend time with your new baby, instead of looking for someone to look after her.

You may want to begin by leaving baby with a caregiver between feedings, so you know she isn likely to get hungry while you away. If you plan to leave a babysitter during a feeding, tell your caregiver to hold your baby while she gives your baby your milk in a bottle, and to pick her up when she fusses.

This time with your baby is precious, and you won want to miss a minute of it. But when you do need to get things done, relax and find an option that will work for you and your infant. If you do take the time you need, you will be a happier Mom, which means a happier baby. Read our full Terms of Service.

How To Make Kaiser Rolls

How To Make Kaiser Rolls

Want to impress your family and friends at the next gathering? Serve sandwiches on Kaiser Rolls. Theyll look so professionallike they came from the bakery. You dont have to tell them how easy they were. If you can make dinner rolls, you can make Kaiser Rolls.

You can make Kaiser Rolls out of any lean bread dough but if you would like to make your rolls from a mix, we suggest using our Sunday Dinner Rolls. Simply leave the butter out and add another halftablespoon of water.

A Kaiser Roll is merely a lean roll, specially shaped, and baked in a steamy oven to make it crusty. Choose a recipe or mix for a lean bread dough or leave the butter or oil out of the recipe. Make per the directions for rolls including letting the dough rise the first time.

Heres how to shape the rolls:

Step 1:

Cut a piece of dough off about twice what you would use for a dinner roll. We scale the dough at 3.5 ounces for our sandwich rolls. Roll the dough out into a rope about eight inches long.

Step 2:

Form a simple overhand knot in the center of the dough. Leave the knot loose; do not try to draw it tight. You will have two protruding ends a couple inches long.

Step 3:

Take one of the ends and continue it around the rope and push it down through the center hole. It should look like the picture to the right.

Step 4:

Take the other end of the dough, go around the rope, and push the end up through the center hole. The finished roll should look like the one to the right.

Its more complicated to try to describe the forming process than it is to form the rolls. After the first couple, youll breeze right through without even thinking.

Now let the formed rolls rise covered on a baking sheet. When they are ready to bake, brush them with a whisked egg and one tablespoon water, then sprinkle them with sesame or poppy seeds. You can bake them as you would dinner rolls but if you would like crusty roll like true Kaiser Rolls, follow the direction for baking breads in a steamy oven.

To form the thick, chewy crust that is typical of artisan breads, follow these instructions: Place a large, shallow, metal pan in the oven on the lowest shelf. You will pour hot water in this pan to create steam in the oven. High heat is hard on pans so dont use one of your better pans. An old sheet pan is ideal. Fill a spray bottle with water. You will use this to spray water into the oven to create more steam.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. When the oven is hot and the bread is fully risen and is soft and puffybeing very careful not to burn yourself with the rising steam and with a mitted handpour about two cups of very hot water in the pan in the oven. Quickly close the oven door to capture the steam. With spray bottle in hand, open the door and quickly spray the oven walls and close the door.

Immediately put the bread in the steamy oven. After a few moments, open the door and spray the walls again to recharge the steam. Do this twice more during the first ten minutes of baking. This steamy environment will create the chewy crust prized in artisan breads.

You can use this baking procedure for crusty hearth breads also. For rolls, bake for ten minutes at 450 degrees then lower the temperature to 350 degrees until done. How long you will bake them will depend on how quickly your oven loses heat but it will probably be about ten additional minutes a total of 20 minutes. As for all hearth breads, the internal temperature of your crusty rolls should be about 210 degrees. If crusty rolls are not well baked, the internal moisture will migrate to the crust and make it soft.

Friday, February 14, 2014

shaped objects

shaped objects

One report of an octagonshaped object was reported over on Jan. 20, 2009, according to the Mutual UFO Network database. We were traveling west on Emerson Rd. I saw a very large strangely lite object approaching from the north west. I thought it might be a helicopter at first when it was really far away but as it got closer and turned slightly to cross our path I saw it WAS NOT a helicopter. The thing that made me notice it first was it had the wrong colored lights it had 5 6 orange yellow whitish lights bigger than a plane and arranged in an odd pattern. It didn have any blinking lights the lights were on the front and back, 3 2 respectively. It was very big. As it got closer I said to my wife that not a plane what is that she said my god what is that thing as it got closer and passed in front of us you could see a very big octagonal shaped grayish metal big thing for lack of better words.

At that point my wife got in the left turning lane to make a u turn to follow it, it was moving very slow but than all of a sudden a fighter jet blew by the thing a few hundred feet under it. This thing made NO NOISE at all we had the windows open and were leaning out of van to see it you could here the fighter jets engine scream by us the jet was coming from the south east. At that point we made our u turn to chase the thing but it must have sped up dramatically because up to than it was moving very slow. The fighter jet must have made a u turn also because it went chasing this thing to the south east and it was moving I mean I didn even see the jet the second time I just heard the thing scream by our van my wife saw it because it was on her side of the van. We tried to follow for a mile or so but they were going to fast and we lost sight of them.

Now I watch the ufo shows and believe in this stuff but this was unreal. I seen lights in the sky before and have always identified them to be a plane or something normal but this was very frightening and just no way this was anything normal. You could see this was not a plane or helicopter or blimp you could see it was VERY Big and all one thing not a bunch of little planes you could see it was a solid grayish metal you could hear it made no noise and you could see this jet could see it also. The reason I am telling you this is because I want to know if anyone else saw this. It was 7:00 PM lots of cars on road. We see everything here you can watch the space shuttle launch from my driveway NASA shot a rocket up just on Saturday. Military planes always flying around here. Not the little fighter jets but those big ones like tamker planes so I know what all these things look like wish I had a camera with me because that would have been a picture of a UFO not a strange light. One other strange thing and this is probably a coincidence the whole neighborhood had a blackout power outage for 30 45 seconds about 15 minutes after the sighting.

For more info: Visit MUFON online.

Seen something very similar October 27th, 2010 at 8:50pm in Louisiana. At first I thought it was a helicopter it hovered at a typical helicopter height, but as I got closer while driving, I seen a big, metallic octagon. Ive seen it more from the bottom. It had a big light that seemed somewhat yellowish, other white lights, and three white lights on one end of the craft that was in the shape of a triangle.

Short Sale Or Foreclosure

Short Sale Or Foreclosure

Many homeowners are unable to make their mortgage payments due to financial hardship. At such a time, they often have to decide between short sale foreclosure and foreclosure. A homeowner should take this is a decision after careful consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of both the options.

Foreclosure is a legal process that is initiated by the lender to terminate the owners right to a property. The property is sold at an auction and the proceeds are used to pay the mortgage debt. Short sale, on the other hand, is selling the house for less than what is owed on the property.

A homeowner can go for short sale foreclosure after convincing the lender that this is the best option. However, convincing a lender for this is often hard. That is why it is recommended that homeowners should use short sale services of real estate agents.

When comparing both the options, most real estate experts are convinced that short sale is the better option of the two. They have compared both the options in terms of their effect on credit scores, loan availability, taxation and other factors.

Effect On Credit

There is no secret that foreclosure has a negative impact on ones credit. Many homeowners have suffered a loss of 200 to 400 points after foreclosure. Moreover, it stays on the record for 10 years and rebuilding your credit after foreclosure is very hard.

The effects of short sale foreclosure on credit scores depend on the seller. Most homeowners report a drop of 50 to 130 points in their FICO scores after a short sale foreclosure. However, the positive point about property short sale is that lenders report it differently. Some lenders will report it as paid as agreed and others might report it as paid less than agreed. Some lenders might not even report it. Basically, your credit will not be that negatively affected by short sale as it will be by foreclosure.

Applying For A New Home Loan

As per the new Fannie Mae guidelines, a seller can immediately apply for a new home loan, if he or she had not been delinquent with his or her payments for more than 30 days and has not agreed to repay the debt. However, if the short sale foreclosure occurs because the seller was behind on payments for more than 30 days, then the seller would have to wait for atleast 24 months before becoming eligible for a new loan.

If the homeowner opts for foreclosure, then he or she will have to wait for atleast 5 years before becoming eligible for a new loan with restrictions. Also, a loan without restrictions will be available only after 7 years.

Getting A Loan

Applying for a car, student or any other loan is easier after short sale foreclosure. Loan applications do not enquire about a short sale. However, they do ask questions asking about foreclosure. Lying on a loan application is committing a mortgage fraud, which might attract severe penalties.

Overall short sale is a better option, because it puts the homeowner in control of the sale of the house. The lender is not in control of the sale. You would know who would be buying your home and you will not have to deal with the stigma of having foreclosure on your record.

It is also a better option for buyers, because they are able to buy a house at a reduced price. Short sale foreclosure is a better option for lenders, because atleast they are able to get some of their money back.

Shale Gas

Shale Gas

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a controversial new technique that gives access to vast resources of gas trapped in shale rock at a low cost. It has been responsible for a collapse in US natural gas prices over the past six to seven years.

Cuadrilla runs the UKs only fracking site near Blackpool. Operations were suspended last June following earthquakes in the area. A spokesman for Caudrilla said he hoped the Government will approve Cuadrillas plans to resume fracking: We could potentially double the reserves of gas in the UK, we could add 50,000 jobs maybe, and probably even reduce the price of gas.

A recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC said Scotland is in a prime position to capitalise on shale gas, due to the expertise that already exists in the country oil and gas sector. Reserves of the gas, which has helped transform the fortunes of the United States economy, potentially lie beneath a huge swathe of central Scotland stretching from Aberdeenshire to Dumfries and Galloway.

The suspension at the above site near Blackpool however has now been lifted by the UK government, with large parts of Scotland such as Fife, Stirling and Aberdeenshire now being viewed as ripe for the dash for shale gas. The PwC report Shale Oil the Next Energy Revolution said fracking could boost the UK Gross Domestic Product GDP by around 2 to 3.3 percent by 2035 worth about to there is no specific estimate in the report for how much Scotland would benefit from fracking, it is understood shale gas extraction could be worth up to north of the Border over the same period.

Meantime the Scottish delegation at OTC Houston recently heard that by comparison with US shale activity we are still some way behind. the headline for the oil gas industry has been the dramatic development of unconventional oil and gas, most notably shale gas. Shale gas production, which is forecast to grow by 113 % from 2011 to 2040 is the greatest contributor to natural gas production growth. Its share of total production, natural gas production, increases from 34% in 2011 to 50% in 2040. in 2012, the majority of which are still in early exploratory or development stage.

With a view to raising the profile of opportunities in shale, Scottish Enterprise have set up an event in Aberdeen titled Shale Mania to be held on Monday 3rd June. The event will be presented by Derek Blackwood President Americas, Wood Group PSN. This event will provide delegates with a unique opportunity to hear Mr Blackwood talk about the scale of Shale Oil and Shale Gas developments in the US and the role of Wood Group in this booming sector as well as discuss how Scottish companies can capitalise on the associated opportunities.

Servants of the Holy Family

Servants of the Holy Family

Servants of the Holy Family Baltimore Catechism Since 1977, Servants of the Holy Family has remained faithful to the traditional Latin Mass and Catholic doctrine and morals.

This religious community has taken the following words of Pope St. Pius X to heart: How many and how grave are the consequences of ignorance in matters of religion! And on the other hand, how necessary and how beneficial is religious instruction! It is indeed vain to expect a fulfillment of the duties of a Christian by one who does not even know them.

Our rule includes this priestly responsibility to teach when it says, the apostolates carried out, let the teaching of the catechism, including the Creed, the Commandments, The Sacraments, the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ and the Spiritual Life, be among the chief ones. May Servants of the Holy Family be a means of communicating the riches of this Divine Revelation to the laity.

So what exactly is the Baltimore Catechism? The Catechism is a summary of the Catholic Faith and it was originally taught to the early Church converts. Eventually these teachings were written down, with many editions being created through the centuries. The Baltimore Catechism is the most common version in the United States and is so named because it was produced as a result of the 3rd Plenary Council of American bishops held in Baltimore in 1884.

It is excellent for adults, children and anyone desiring information about the Church. This Catechism presents over 500 clear and concise questions and answers, along with amplified explanations, study helps, exercises and summary essays. Adding to this extraordinary book produced by The Seraphim Company, are 22 captivating engravings, making this among the finest Catholic catechisms ever printed.

This wonderful and inspiring reprint of the Baltimore Catechism provides all the essentials of the Catholic Faith in one practical volume. In addition, this edition offers Scripture citations that support the teachings. The book also provides customary prayers and appendices containing a glossary, an index and special sections, including Why I am a Catholic and The Mass You can obtain the Father Connell edition of the Baltimore Catechism at our Website.

This comprehensive Baltimore Catechism contains the constant, authentic doctrine and moral teaching of the Catholic Faith. It is not only excellent for adults and children, but is also perfect for religious programs and anyone desiring information about the Church More than 500 clear and concise questions and answers are included. Fr. Connells catechism s superior to any other catechism, including any other Baltimore catechism, because developed explanations and Sacred Scripture are used extensively to amplify the answers and each chapter concludes with study helps, exercises, and a summary essay for teachers and students.

The Baltimore Catechism No. 3 with Mass, Father Connells Confraternity Edition, is one of the best catechisms youll ever find. Clear and concise, this book can be trusted to contain the fullness of the truth, the Catholic Faith, without adulteration. These arent just dry questions and answers; rather, each answer is detailed, expounded upon, and exercises are provided at the end of each Chapter/Lesson. A musthave for every Catholic library! Don, Miami, USA

This book was recommended to me by my Spiritual Confessor as a book to be studied on a daily basis. He said that is should be well understood and memorized. What I really love about this book is that its question and answer format along with commentary and Scriptural references makes our Catholic Traditions easily understandable. Since it is a question and answer format I can also take a couple of questions a day and memorize them. This is an ideal book for New Catholics as well as Cradle Catholics.

Scottish Words and Phrases

Scottish Words and Phrases

Scottish words and phrases can be a source of bewilderment to those who dont live there. Even native Scots can fail to understand some of them, due to regional variations of words and dialects. Upcoming generations, learning from tv imports and textspeak, are losing the ability to speak native Scots.

In this lens youll find some Scottish words and phrases, along with their meanings. Use them if you want to feel closer to your heritage, impress your Scottish acquaintances, or simply if you want to baffle your nonScottish friends!

Many nonScots dont realise that the language of the country varies from region to region. A person born and bred in Aberdeen doesnt sound the same as someone from Glasgow, or Shetland, or Edinburgh, and so on.

Often, people from different areas will use different words for the same thing.

Take the number one for example. It can be wan, ane, een or yin. A small child tends to be a wean in the west, a bairn in the east.

In Aberdeenshire a girl is a quine, a boy a loon, but you wont hear those words in other parts of the country.

Scottish Words Illustrated Home Page.

An ongoing entertaining light hearted selection of Scottish words illustrated with cartoons including translations into English for all tumshieheeds, as well as a quiz. Sometimes phrases will be incorporated, such as: Twaplaineensan aninginan ana. Clue: This is a request for three pastry products

SCOTS Project Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech

The Scottish Corpus of Texts Speech SCOTS Project is an ongoing project to build a corpus of modernday written and spoken texts in Scottish English and varieties of Scots.

SEO Primer

SEO Primer

The objective of this tutorial is to educate and update webmasters and website builders with search engine optimization techniques. The ultimate objective of all webmasters and web developers is to get a good Google page rank. This tutorial will help achieving this objective by explaining and implementing SEO techniques.

The techniques explained in this tutorial are the most comprehensive and efficient. The aim of this tutirial is to help webmasters and web developers do their own search engine marketing using these techniques in the best possible way.

This tutorial is logically organized page by page and each page deals with a specific topic concerning SEO. The pages are arranged in such a way that the flow is exactly like the process flow of SEO implementation. However, complicated issues like flash and frames are covered towards the end of the tutorial. These complications are best handled by SEO experts than the users themselves.

Our sincere hope is that the webmasters and developers going through this tutorial would enjoy the process of SEO and put it to good use.

All the Best,SEO begins with building your website. It is important to understand and implement a few SEO techniques while you are still building your website, instead of waiting for it to finish and start editing it again. Once you are thorough with planning your website complete with blueprints, SEO implementation begins by segregating your website into two different and distinct criteria OnPage and OffPage. Both these criteria are equally important from SEO point of view and no partiality is to be shown.

OnPage criteria are those that one can see on the webpage. They are Title, Headings, Meta Tags, Content, Keyword etc. This will be elaborated at a later stage.

Embarking upon building a website is preceded by some necessary ground work which will help plan the site properly and as per the target audience. Your website will showcase your products and services, so you are in the best position to know what will be the basic persona of a target visitor. A target visitor is a visitor who visits your site with a genuine intent of buying, difficult to visualize, putting it in SEO terms a targeted visitor is the visitor who has a very high chance of buying your products or services.

So when you plan your website do not get into techniques of high traffic generation or using hot terms. Instead, build it using targeted terms and an objective to attract targeted traffic. This is getting a little too complicated, let me explain. High traffic is of no importance if none of the traffic converts, but targeted traffic is bound to have a good rate of conversion. The fine balance between your product descriptions and general ones in the industry should be maintained or your site could end up generating traffic to you competition. Similarly hot terms means the industry jargon that you use in daily life everyday, you don TMt expect your customer to understand that, do you? Targeted terms are terms used for the industry generally. So knowing your target audience is of prime importance. David Davis, is the lead developer and project manager of Redfly Marketing Search Engine Optimization Ireland.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Brian Gillespie has what you might call a 20/20 perspective on the financing of newly built homes. As the CFO of Heartland Homes Inc. one of southwest Pennsylvania most successful custom home builders, Gillespie keeps a close eye on the financial operations at Heartland Homes as well as the mortgage lending at Princeton Financial LLC, a Pennsylvanialicensed mortgage banker. The mortgage banking company, he said, finances 80 to 90 percent of the homes built and sold by Heartland Homes.

Gillespie, 35, grew up in the Heartland family business, with a time out for college, where he majored in business and finance. When it was decided that the establishment of a licensed mortgage banking company that could serve the interests of newhome buyers was a viable idea, Gillespie, with one employee, took on the task of making it happen.

he timing was good,?said Gillespie. e had a relationship with Heartland Homes that we could build on, and we were able to establish good working relationships with local and national financial institutions.?

Established six years ago, Princeton Financial makes a variety of lending programs available to buyers of new homes built by Heartland Homes, as well as by other builders and developers. Princeton Financial, said Gillespie, has grown at the rate of from 10 to 20 percent a year. Today, it has offices in Lawrence and in Wexford, and employs 15 people.

From Gillespie perspective, Princeton Financial hometown of Pittsburgh escaped the worst of the multiple excesses that contributed to the lending bubble. Nationally, he said, a lot of speculative money went into the purchasing and construction of property in order to turn a quick profit, especially in socalled ot?markets. As a result, prices were driven artificially higher in those markets, with lenders following up with creative financing programs that enabled buyers to overextend their payment capabilities. t was like the dotcoms,?said Gillespie. verybody wanted to get in, but what goes up must come down.?And when things came down, verybody wanted to get out at once.?

How is it that Pittsburgh dodged the worst of the situation? ittsburgh as a market is never too hot or too cold,?said Gillespie. e did not see 30percent increases in housing values, and now wee not seeing 30percent decreases in housing values, as is the case in some markets.?What Pittsburgh is seeing, added Gillespie, is a housing market that is fairly valued, with mortgage money available to qualified buyers.

Started as a family business more than two decades ago, Heartland Homes is now one of southwest Pennsylvania premier builders of custom homes and communities. The builder offers more than 50 different designs, from which buyers can choose and customize.

One of Heartland Homes?newest developments is Stonecrest, in Pine Township. can tell you firsthand,?said Gillespie, he 49 lots there are absolutely gorgeous.?The wooded home sites are threequarters of an acre and above, and the Nantucket II, a model home, recently opened.

Although buyers of new homes at Stonecrest and other Heartland Homes?sites are not obligated to secure financing through Princeton Financial, those buyers who do not will most likely have to qualify for a construction loan with another financing source. The big advantage to using Princeton, said Gillespie, is that the buyer needn incur the time and expense of a construction loan, which generally requires a higher rate of interest on the part of the borrower and additional expenses during the construction process. Because Heartland Homes finances its own newhome construction, buyers who deal with Princeton Financial need only apply for, and qualify for, a permanent end loan. As is typical, if the buyer owns the lot, the property may serve as a portion of the down payment. Once the buyer is prequalified for an end or permanent loan, Heartland goes to work building the home. On completion, the buyer takes possession, and the permanent loan goes into effect.

Of course, choosing which of the many loan programs available from lending institutions is the right one raises many questions. Does a fixedrate mortgage make more sense for the buyer than an adjustable rate mortgage? Can the buyer really afford the higher monthly payments of a 15year mortgage for the sake of a lower interest rate, or is a 30year mortgage with a lower monthly payment and higher interest rate a better choice?

tell people that the first thing you need to do is talk to someone you can trust about the financing options,?said Gillespie. ou need to go through the numbers, look at realistic scenarios, and have someone help educate you. That what the people at Princeton Financial will do: walk you through the program that best for you. They educate you so that the house you buy fits in with your budget. ?br

Princeton Financial, said Gillespie, offers the entire range of mortgage programs, from conventional fixedrate and adjustablerate mortgages to FHA and VA mortgages. While factors such as income will help determine whether an applicant can qualify for a given mortgage loan at a favorable rate of interest, nothing is more important these days, said Gillespie, than a person credit history.

How do you know whether your credit history reflects your situation accurately? Consumers are entitled to request a free credit report, also known as a credit file disclosure, once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Access to these reports enables individuals to review their collected credit history. If discrepancies are found, steps can be taken to address problems such as identity theft or incorrect reporting. Free credit reports can be requested by phone or mail, or online.

rading of credit has gotten more stringent, no doubt about that,?said Gillespie. eeping your credit record clean is most important when it comes to getting the most competitive rate of interest and a loan program that works best for you.?

Putting Together Sentences And Paragraphs

Putting Together Sentences And Paragraphs

According to The Oxford Guide to the English Language, a sentence is set of words making a single complete statement To put it another way, a sentence must make sense and it must have a subject and a predicate.The subject is the person or thing being discussed in the sentence. It is normally a noun a name of a person or thing, eg, Sarah, John, or a pronoun a word used instead of a noun, eg, he, she.The predicate says something about the subject and it must contain a verb a doing word, eg, speaks, ran.A blocked paragraph means that every line starts at the set left hand margin as in this example.In common with all paragraphs an extra line of space should be left between them.This is a hanging paragraph and, as you will see, the first line starts to the left of the rest of the paragraph. The number can be set the paragraph like this.aThis is a lettered paragraph and it can be used in either of the above ways, although tends to be clearer.bThis is yet another lettered paragraph with the letter typed inside brackets.Paragraph heading With this type of heading, the heading is typed first, then three spaces are left and the text is typed on the same line. As in this example, emphasise the heading in some way, using italics, underline, bold or capital letters.